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rate closure
Sat Feb 15, 2014 03:35

I've worked on the Attack Radar System (ARS) every model of the F-111 and I've never heard of a "rate closure" mark. If you "lock up" an aircraft in air to air mode, the ARS goes into a narrow sector scan with the target locked in the middle. I believe it would up to the WSO to determine any rate rather it's coming in or going away by using the radar range marks.

  • Air-to-air radar mode - rate closureMike Cullen, Fri Feb 14 08:37
    When an APQ-130 or APQ-144 (F model) radar is locked-on to an aircraft (in air-air mode) and the "rate closure" mark appears at the 2 o'clock position, does that mean the target is closing at 200... more
    • rate closure — cmitchell, Sat Feb 15 03:35
      • Mitchell????Mike (Rocky) Rockel, Thu Feb 20 15:03
        Would these be the same mitchell that was in the 429th Avionics shop arounf 69-72? The same guy that was going to clean carpets when he got out?
        • Re: Mitchell????cmitchell, Sun Feb 23 14:29
          No I don't think I'm the right Mitchell. I started my life on the F-111E's at Cannon AFB NM in 1970 before we got reassigned to RAF Upper Heyford England.
          • Wrong numberRocky Rockel, Mon Feb 24 21:45
            I guess not. This Mitchell was already a Master Sgt in '70, and I think he got out before we went over to Harvest Reaper II. Sorry to bother you. I was a crew chief on the shitbox 'A' models out of... more
      • radar: rate closureMike Cullen, Sat Feb 15 07:55
        Thanks! I was a WSO on the F model for 2 yrs (1980-82). While it was pretty normal to use the wide sweep B scan mode at cruising altitude, it wasn't too common for me to use the radar lock mode.... more
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