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428 TFS Crew Chiefs etc
Sat Mar 1, 2014 08:49

Yes, Jim...I remember you well. I remember the short story that was comical involving Capt Barber et al. You are the only other B Flight Crew Chief I have managed to find still living. It appears that we may have been exposed to Agent Orange etc...I had a few blackouts that took me off the flight line. Turns out I was exposed to some chemicals from 079. It wasn't figured out until 1999 at the VA after I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and triglyceridemia. I have also had oxalate kidney stones(now avoid green leafy vegetables)I get a non service connected Pension(no boots on the ground mean Navy and AF vets..those who served in Takli and Nellis etc do not qualify)I am doing well these days..lost 60 lbs and altered my diet so much that I don't need most of the meds.I have taught Kung Fu for decades and taught Military Police at the National Guard (Binghamton) and worked RICO with them and NSA in the mid 80's. I remember everyone and everything from Nellis and the war. You are the first I found alive. I am hoping others didn't pass from the chemicals we were exposed to. I make Native Peace Pipes etc for the Iroquois Chiefs etc. I went to 8 years of college (Archaeology etc. at 4 colleges incl. Syracuse U. My email is I live in Groton NY...would love to talk about the war some day soon "Mr Mobility" Sgt RR Watrous III

  • Harvest Reaper / Combat Lancer 428 TFSLassiter, Sat Mar 1 00:55
    Hey, heard my name had been tossed around. Those days were the best time of my life, I served with some of the best in the AF. Hello all.
    • 428 TFS Crew Chiefs etc — Sgt Romaine Watrous, Sat Mar 1 08:49
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