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Sun Mar 16, 2014 09:52

Love a reunion, but I am not sure that many of us enlisted guys are online or alive....I worked in mobility for 2 years, so I have searched for my friends over the years....Freddie Griffin and Cousineau were on before it changed...I have a place in Freeville NY (my mother's Church in Freeville NY is 6 miles away from me here in Groton)that has a dining hall and full kitchen...may seat 80. 428 TFS members could contact me at if they are interested....a lot of us are from the east coast...might be easier, since we are in the middle of the eastern corridor(90% of the us population is reachable in a 6 hr car ride south or north)...Bill Lassiter is in Mt Home Idaho...Terry Kale is in LA...we are to see the enlisted guys....I think most of the officers we knew in 69 are pushing 70+ Sgt Watrous U43171C/43330

  • reunionrheinbolt, Fri Mar 14 17:28
    when are we meaning enlist guys going have a reuion? You guys called me johnny jaguair.
    • reunion — Anonymous, Sun Mar 16 09:52
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