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Re: Museum bird
Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:16

Good to know they have a 429th bird near here

  • Museum birdClyde King, Sat Apr 12 12:49
    The A model that's at the museum is a 429th bird,67-0067.They also have an EF-111A and a F-111F.
    • sgt kingrheinbolt, Mon Apr 14 16:57
      Sgt.King I live north of cmh at Mansfield ohio...
    • Re: Museum bird — Anonymous, Sun Apr 13 11:16
      • Muaeum BirdClyde King, Mon Apr 14 14:38
        Were you in the 429th? Do you live near the museum? I live near Springfield.
        • Re: Muaeum BirdAnonymous, Tue Apr 15 08:21
          428th Alpha Sq Mobility for 2 years...knew a lot of crew chiefs etc in the in Groton NY Sgt Watrous
          • 428 TFS MobilityDouglas Dana, Tue Nov 3 09:03
            Sgt Watrous, your name sounds very father was assigned to the 428 TFS Mobility Section as well and was an AGE Mechanic while assigned to the 474 TFW his name is Edwin S. Dana. Do you... more
          • 429thMike (Rocky) Rockel, Thu Apr 17 10:34
            Can't help you on the museum bird, but I was a crew chief 69-72 in the 429th. I know the tail number was 108 but can't remember the maunufact yr.
            • F-111A tail #108Patrick Flohe, Sat Apr 19 15:07
              The full tail # is 67-0108.....It was delivered to USAF on 7 / 17 / 1969.
              • 67-108Mike Rockel, Sun Apr 20 22:53
                That sounds about right on the delivery date. I got to Nellis 25 Sept 69 but obviosly didn't get near it for a while. The only a one or three level could do was chock it.Hell of a bird....went 30... more
            • F-111 tail numbersClyde King, Fri Apr 18 10:17
              Rocky, check out, it will refresh your memory.
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