Clyde King
F-111 tail numbers
Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:17

Rocky, check out, it will refresh your memory.

  • 429thMike (Rocky) Rockel, Thu Apr 17 10:34
    Can't help you on the museum bird, but I was a crew chief 69-72 in the 429th. I know the tail number was 108 but can't remember the maunufact yr.
    • F-111A tail #108Patrick Flohe, Sat Apr 19 15:07
      The full tail # is 67-0108.....It was delivered to USAF on 7 / 17 / 1969.
      • 67-108Mike Rockel, Sun Apr 20 22:53
        That sounds about right on the delivery date. I got to Nellis 25 Sept 69 but obviosly didn't get near it for a while. The only a one or three level could do was chock it.Hell of a bird....went 30... more
    • F-111 tail numbers — Clyde King, Fri Apr 18 10:17
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