Michael Heberling
Capt Carl Poole
Mon Jun 16, 2014 14:48 (XFF:

I was a classmate (in the 74-75 time frame) with Carl at the Navigator Bombardier Training (NBT) school at Mather AFB outside Sacramento CA. There were about 18 in the class. We were able to pick our assignment based on our rank in the class. We all expected to be going to some northern tier B-52 base. We were all shocked to see that there was one F-111 assignment. Carl was #1 in our class. It was no surprise that he took the F-111. I was in the bottom third of the class. I ended in the B-52 Squadron at Kincheloe AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I retired as a Lt Col in 1994.

  • Re: CAPT Carl T. Poole C Worley, Tue Oct 1 17:29
    I served with Carl T. Poole. CW
    • Capt Carl Poole — Michael Heberling, Mon Jun 16 14:48
      • CAPT Carl PooleRandy Montalbano, Tue Dec 20 15:58
        When your graduated from Navigator School, he was initially assigned to the 366th TFW, 390th TFS which at the time was stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. He was a Weapon Systems Officer flying in ... more
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