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Douglas Dana
Nellis/Mountain Home - 428 TFS
Wed Jan 14, 2015 08:46

Hello, my name is Douglas father was assigned to the 428 TFS at Nellis I believe 68 - 74 as an AGE Mechanic later in 1972 that I believe he was assigned to the 474 TFG Wing Headquarters Building near the NCO fathers name is Edwin Dana. He is a retired AGE Suprerintendent and lives in Maine. As a dependent we lived off base in a trailer court called Blue Bird and I went to school at J.E. Manch...I remember the days picking my Dad up from work...watching the planes take off and landing...the sound and vibrations under your feet...nothing in the world like that...brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I was at Nellis a couple years ago things have changed a lot. I gave visited the 428 TFS at Mountain Home as well it was an interesting place...nice to see the large Buccaneer Patch again... I had taken a lot of pictures I can share...they train foreign pilots to fly the F-15...interesting. As my father, I too am a Retired USAF Veteran as well and was also stationed at Nellis...I was assigned to the 57th Fighter Weapons Wing/DTSP (Test Support)...I would like to hear from anyone who worked with my father.

Douglas Dana
Disabled Native American Veteran
United States Air Force

  • 428 TFSAlan King, Mon Oct 29 11:34
    Hello Art I was a jet mech in the 429th from Apr 1968 to Jan 1973. I just checked Wikipedia and it shows as of May 2009 the 428th was at Mountain Home flying F15E. Over the years it has been inactive ... more
    • Nellis/Mountain Home - 428 TFS — Douglas Dana, Wed Jan 14 08:46
      • DanaChuck Young, Thu Jan 15 07:14
        Hi Doug, I pretty sure I remember your Dad, the name anyway, (I couldn't pick him out of a lineup) if I remember right, he an I did a four month TDY stint down at White Sands, Holliman AFB New Mexico ... more
        • YoungDouglas Dana, Tue Jan 20 19:57
          Hello Chuck, just a short note to say "Thank You" for your response to my message...sorry it took me a while to answer. I talked to my father regarding the TDY to Holloman for the four months and he... more
    • Re: 428 TFSAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 19:07
      It closed in the 80's at Nellis after flying F-16's reactivated later at Cannon flying F-111E' and G's then later RSAF F-16's. It's now at MHAFB with the RSAF with F-15SG's
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