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Douglas Dana
Tue Jan 20, 2015 19:57

Hello Chuck, just a short note to say "Thank You" for your response to my message...sorry it took me a while to answer. I talked to my father regarding the TDY to Holloman for the four months and he said yes but he couldn't remember as what the TDY was for...he mentioned that it might have been something to do with Dash Sixty School...but does remember you as well...My father also remembers Ron Willimoski and Sgt. Waltrous. He would like to know if there is anyone else who remembers him...Edwin S. Dana from the 428 TFS - AGE Shop or the 474 TFW - Mobility (Wing Headquarters Building)...At the present, my father has no internet capability but would like to communicate with any AGE Folks 68-75. One thing that my father asked was if anyone was putting together a Wing/Squadron reunion. As a young fella, I remember a man by the name Barney Grooms and the name Sgt. Waltrous...also Forrest Duke (Thunderbirds)...I remember the Squadron BBQ's as well...I would like to hear from others who knew my dad as well...during this time...Regards, Doug

  • DanaChuck Young, Thu Jan 15 07:14
    Hi Doug, I pretty sure I remember your Dad, the name anyway, (I couldn't pick him out of a lineup) if I remember right, he an I did a four month TDY stint down at White Sands, Holliman AFB New Mexico ... more
    • Young — Douglas Dana, Tue Jan 20 19:57
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