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Chuck Young
428th 68 to 70
Sun Dec 20, 2015 09:07

428th AGE ... Stepped off an American Airlines aircraft, at Macharren July 7th 1968 to what had to be 115 degrees, I remember the heat literally took my breath away, but I'm still here in Vegas, almost 50 years later... still working for the Air Force. You old guys wouldn't know Nellis now (or Vegas either, for that matter!) everything is changed... At least on the base proper... The original Hangars are still out on the Flight line, but almost everything else gone, replaced, or rebuilt.

Someone ask about the annual Airshow... Yes they still put it on... I think it's usually around Oct. when it's not so hot out there.... You all remember the Summer Heat, I'm sure, where you couldn't touch the skin of the aircraft without getting 3rd degree burns ( we still have that too!).

Vegas is totally different now.... Remember Boulder Highway use to basically end around Trop? Not now... Continuous buildings, homes and business all the way to Boulder City... Same for US 95 heading to Mt. Charleston, homes almost right up to the turnoff.

Would love to hear from any of the AGE troops from the 428th and 429th that are still alive... Barney Groves, Ron "RJ" Willimoski, Steve Sherman, Terry Black, or Bruce Beman

Those were the BEST years to be alive.

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