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Larry Dean
Hello Survivors of H/R C/L
Wed Dec 7, 2016 17:26

As a Staff Sgt, I moved from Cannon AFB to Nellis AFB with the first wave of guys to man the 474th detachment which eventually became the 428TFS. I was originally a V30174 (Inertial Nav) and worked on the first F-111 systems (in-shop) that arrived at Nellis - often going TDY to both Edwards and Ft Worth to get LRUs (mainly Nav computer units) repaired so we could continue training flights. Later I transferred to the Flight Line Avionics Maintenance unit.. I was a cargo courier on the deployment to Takhli, and stayed there until November 1968, then back to Nellis. In 1971 I transferred to Upper Heyford in the 20th AMS. There only briefly before moving up to Wing Ground Safety Office.... Would love to attend a H/R C/L reunion

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