428 and 429th
Fri Nov 10, 2017 08:05

Been lurking around for several years, jump in once in a while. Got to Nellis in 68 AGE, and was assigned to F100’s right off the bat for about two weeks, then the 111’s started showing up, and the 428th was created. Over the next two years, I bounced around all three squadrons 28th 29th and 30th. We stayed in the states for both Harvest Reaper TDYs to Nam.
I’m shit on remembering names, but I do remember the guys I ran around with... Bruce Beman, Steve Sherman. TSgt Ron J. Williamoski, Barny Grimes.

Got out in 70 after volunteering for ANY overseas assignments and was always turned down... 42156 was a Critical slot and they told me I was needed right here at Nellis...I wanted to travel, so I told em to shove it! Funny part is after I got out, I ended up right back here in Vegas and been here ever since. Almost 50 years.. WHAT A TRIP!!!


    • Stuck in VegasMike Rockel, Mon Nov 13 10:57
      Hi Chuck, I'm fairly sure I remember you from 429 AGE. Always the man who delivered the -60 or Hi-Pac's? I was swing crew chief on 108 until HR II, and then did the same thing -- stayed in Vegas for... more
      • BrianheadChuck Young, Tue Nov 14 07:39
        Brianhead! No shit... I was just there this weekend. I have a cabin at Strawberry Point, SE of Duck Creek... on the way back to Vegas, we decided to take a “shortcut “ up thru Brianhead since the... more
        • UtahMike Rockel, Tue Nov 14 11:28
          I spent the last 21 years runing service for the cabin owners in Mammoth Creek. These are all business owners, who know how to make money but can't put batteries in a flashlight. As I was a service... more
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