Mike Rockel
Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:28

I spent the last 21 years runing service for the cabin owners in Mammoth Creek. These are all business owners, who know how to make money but can't put batteries in a flashlight. As I was a service plumber for Rakemand and then a union electrician, I had all the skills to fix thier stuff. Now I just run a trap club in Cedar City. If you're up here for TurkeyDay, drop by on the 22nd and try your luck on the field.

  • BrianheadChuck Young, Tue Nov 14 07:39
    Brianhead! No shit... I was just there this weekend. I have a cabin at Strawberry Point, SE of Duck Creek... on the way back to Vegas, we decided to take a “shortcut “ up thru Brianhead since the... more
    • Utah — Mike Rockel, Tue Nov 14 11:28
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