Tue Jan 30, 2018 07:09

Stationed at Edwards, late 70s, as a jet mech, trimmed our F-111D, and with its electronic fuel controlled engine, it made a speed run, hitting MACH 2.87, at which point it departed controlled flight. Ripped some of the slats and flaps off the plane, and bent it so that future top speeds redlined at 1.5 MACH, never exceed speed. I believe that was the fastest ever clocked in the type. But then the pilots would have had to have nerves of steel to attempt going faster than the redlined speed, given as 2.5 MACH.

  • Reply to MitchPatrick Flohe , Mon Mar 17 07:31
    Mitch, Could that F model from McClellan, be 70-2400? I know that A & C models both had smaller engine intakes, but were otherwise the same, aerodynamically, to other F-111s. -Aside from the longer... more
    • F-111 TOP SPEED — AARDVARK151, Tue Jan 30 07:09
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