Jay Anthony
Re: 67-049 F-111A Nellis crash
Mon Jul 23, 2018 15:57 (XFF:

Hi Dick! I remember you and your family from those times.

I remember visiting your house back then. In fact I've wondered what became of the Dabney's and a few other families we knew back then. I would love to hear from you directly offline from this post if you are still using this email address.
Jay Anthony

  • Re: 67-049 F-111A Nellis crashAnonymous, Sun Sep 27 13:14
    Jay. I knew your Dad and Mom very well. We lived in Winterwood around the corner from them. I was the escort officer for your dad to Georgia. Your Dad and I flew F-111s together. Dick Dabney... more
    • Re: 67-049 F-111A Nellis crash — Jay Anthony, Mon Jul 23 15:57
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