F111 speed
Fri Sep 7, 2018 23:29

Having been stationed in England 84-87 and talking to a few F111 pilots at Upper Heyford, I've been told off the record that it was actually the fastest fighter or fighter bomber in a straight out run in the AF inventory. But not anywhere near the best as it didn't like to turn. I was given the top reported speed and it verifies what others have posted.

  • Machmario, Mon Jul 27 23:15
    As I recall an F model did a highspeed run over the North Sea sometime between 79 & 81 while I was at the Heath. burned alot of paint off, ripped off the bullet, Mach Ind was stuck @ 2.8...not sure... more
    • F111 speed — Jay, Fri Sep 7 23:29
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