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Annie Thompson
Bert Peacock
Fri Mar 24, 2006 14:51 (XFF:

Bert Peacocok is living in MO..... I am his sister.

  • Re: Big-D Launch Crew Nellis/Lakenheathlanier, Sat Aug 28 15:04
    Hey does anyone know what ever happened to Bert Peacock ? I see some of his art on the web here, but nothing ever mentioned otherwise?
    • Bert Peacock — Annie Thompson, Fri Mar 24 14:51
      • Bert Pea cockDon Jones, Mon Apr 24 02:05
        Hello Annie. I am Don Jones and I was stationed with Bert at Mountain Home AFB 1989 1993. I was with the then 389 TFTS and later with the 390 ECS. I would like to get in contact with Bert to purchase ... more
      • Bert PeacockJohn Richards, Sat Jun 14 15:09
        I served with Bert at both Nellis and Lakenheath. I found this online Classic Bert
      • EF111A caricature printAnonymous, Sun Dec 4 09:58
        How do I get in touch with Bert? He did an EF111A caricature while I was TDY to Nellis. One of my moves, the movers stole, I'm curious if he could replace it.
      • Bert PeacockAnonymous, Mon Jan 3 13:10
        Annie please give Bert my email address. I was stationed with him at RAF Lakenheath. I would like to connect back up with him.
      • 1978 F-111 posterMichael Doherty, Thu May 7 23:11
        I have a poster from 1978 depicting an F-111 having a race (?) with a P-51 Mustang I purchased at RAF Lakenheath while stationed there. It's worn down quite a lot from water damage. What are the... more
        • PeacockBrian Stimson, Sat Oct 10 07:15
          Michael, I have a mint copy of that same drawing and a couple more he did in England. I've kept them rolled and in a tube. Prserved for what....I don't know... Brian
          • F-111 posterMichael Doherty, Sat Oct 10 10:37
            WOW! What are the chances of acquiring one of your copies? Either a reprint or the original? Thanks!
            • printbrian stimson, Sat Oct 10 11:29
              I'll have to dig it out of my storage unit. lol But i'll see what i can do.
      • In Nashvillebrian stimson, Mon Oct 29 10:33
        Found this posting when googling my name LOL! I'm alive and well and living in Nashville Tn. Have to read the rest of this later. Anyone who wants ...can Email me at Check... more
        • Hey Brian!Dave Avery, Wed Oct 31 17:09
          Stimmy! How the hell are you? Glad someone from the Heath 77-79/80 found this Blog! Dave Holland is on this sight to. Halloween Party at Dave and Peggy's. John "The Mummy" Burke, Buffalo Bob "Snidely ... more
          • davebrianstimson, Thu Nov 1 11:48
            Nice to here from you.... Glad all is well with you and yours. Haven't heard from anyone for quite a while from our era.... I email with Poest every once in a while but that's pretty much it. Keep in ... more
    • Re: Big-D Launch Crew Nellis/LakenheathScott, Sat Aug 28 16:09
      Don't know what ever happened to Bert; he did the Big D signs. Great work too. Did he go to Mt. Home or get out when everyone was xfered?
      • Bert PeacockAnonymous, Mon Apr 24 01:53
        Bert id go to Cannon AFB when we were sent there. He also made a few printings of the Desert Storm War. I think he retired soon after we got to Cannon. Trying to locate him to finish out my... more
      • Bert PeacockWanda A. VanderVeen, Wed May 31 21:09
        I'm Bert's ex-wife and still friend. He stayed in Mtn. Home for a year or so after the planes left, then moved to Maitland, Missouri.
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