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TZ e-book is so in bad taste it's not funny
Wed Jan 9, 2013 15:34

There is an e-book just released called, Twilight Zone Curse of the Stars: Resigned to Death, that takes the cake in the realm of the ridiculous. The author claims that all of the starring TZ actors were cursed by being on the series. oh my gosh, how absurd. As an example, he goes into great lengths about how the actual Talky Tina prop was purchased by Telly Savalas from the Serling estate for $378K - which is complete nonsense because the Serling's never got any of the props from the show; this has been documented by several of us Serling historians who have spoken with the Serling family about props. The story the author has 'uncovered' is about how Telly Savalas eventually went insane (apparently fighting/arguing with the doll), the doll ended up under friend Frank Sinatra's bed, and then, when Sinatra died, apparently friend Don Rickles showed up to collect his inheritance... which is hinted at being the doll. Oh my gosh, this is so incredibly stupid, i can't stop laughing. The true shame is that people will buy this book thinking this tripe is true. I can just hear Anthony Fremont saying to the author, "You're a bad man! You're a very bad man! And you keep thinking bad thoughts about us!!!" Followed by a comment by Mr. Fremont, "Please Anthony, wish this book into the cornfield. Wish it away son." Unless you like Hollywood tabloids, I suggest you pass this tripe aside.

    • more on this lunacytzoneman, Wed Jan 9 16:55
      Forgot to mention, each volume of this series of e-books give 'examples' of how the curse has affected/killed different TZ alumni. This entire idea is quite ridiculous; the lunacy of it is just... more
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