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Seeking 1985 VHS tape of But can she type?
Thu Aug 15, 2013 08:54

I checked my DVD collection,I already own this and have checked every set of or collection offered for sale,The Un-Cut,"FULL EPISODE"or AS IT AIRED on Television Until 2000,TZ,Please,You must know someone who collected The Twilight Zone before the Internet or DVDs up dated the meaning of uncut?I owned this and had no Idea no one else Knew they were watching Half of the show,My copy was Borrowed and never seen again,whoever has it ,Please Share,Thank you for your link,most people just say"It`s right there on YouTube,If you ever see what I`m talking about,I know you will be Pleased,

  • original series unedited on dvdtzoneman, Wed Aug 14 16:26
    here is a link to the original unedited dvd box set version of season one, with the episode you mentioned.... more
    • Original TV show 1985-1995,original DVD 2004-currentAndrew Scopelitis, Sat Dec 14 10:07
      you are correct that this is the original"DVD version",and not the Original television version that I am still looking for. The Original unedited dvd box set version of season one,With the episode I... more
    • but can she type?Andrew Scopelitis, Mon Oct 14 16:42
      This DVD is not what was seen on TV from 1985 - 1990 and Was CUT or EDITED of some very entertaining and story important scenes ,When you finally see the Original,You Will Know the differences,I had... more
    • Seeking 1985 VHS tape of But can she type? — Andrew Scope, Thu Aug 15 08:54
      • MercyAndrew Scopelitis, Tue Jul 22 12:15
        Martin,Alan,Please give me a price and I will gladly pay,signed your friend Andrew,
    • Re: original series unedited on dvdAnonymous, Thu Aug 15 03:38
      I would like to ask you if the Rock star seen in the back ground when the two girls are sitting at the bar,after 4 minutes 51 seconds and before she meets jonathan frakes, is in a scene Introduced to ... more
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