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I remember that scene
Sun Apr 6, 2014 12:16

It made me wish it was me, Sorry pal,You were removed Before the internet,and nobody has OLD Copy`s of anything on DVD,Try-Martin Pasko or Alan Brennert,Luck be with you(not)

  • I am still looking for The Pre-syndication Full Uncut episode of The Twilight Zone "But can she type". Anyone out there still have the VHS tape you made of this? Originally(As it aired in 1985),I... more
    • I remember that scene — Wompum , Sun Apr 6 12:16
    • original series unedited on dvdtzoneman, Wed Aug 14 16:26
      here is a link to the original unedited dvd box set version of season one, with the episode you mentioned.... more
      • Original TV show 1985-1995,original DVD 2004-currentAndrew Scopelitis, Sat Dec 14 10:07
        you are correct that this is the original"DVD version",and not the Original television version that I am still looking for. The Original unedited dvd box set version of season one,With the episode I... more
      • but can she type?Andrew Scopelitis, Mon Oct 14 16:42
        This DVD is not what was seen on TV from 1985 - 1990 and Was CUT or EDITED of some very entertaining and story important scenes ,When you finally see the Original,You Will Know the differences,I had... more
      • Seeking 1985 VHS tape of But can she type?Andrew Scope, Thu Aug 15 08:54
        I checked my DVD collection,I already own this and have checked every set of or collection offered for sale,The Un-Cut,"FULL EPISODE"or AS IT AIRED on Television Until 2000,TZ,Please,You must know... more
        • MercyAndrew Scopelitis, Tue Jul 22 12:15
          Martin,Alan,Please give me a price and I will gladly pay,signed your friend Andrew,
      • Re: original series unedited on dvdAnonymous, Thu Aug 15 03:38
        I would like to ask you if the Rock star seen in the back ground when the two girls are sitting at the bar,after 4 minutes 51 seconds and before she meets jonathan frakes, is in a scene Introduced to ... more
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