Re: 17 years of Quality
Mon Jan 25, 2016 22:57

It is kind of neat this list serve is still around. I still watch some TZ episodes occasionally and have a lot of nostalgia attached to the show, and now I suppose this list serve :) Too bad the old 5th Dimension site "had" to go as if it was still around I bet it would contribute to a periodic revival of the show. Anyhow, thanks TZoneman for keeping the spirit alive.

  • 17 years of Quality Andrew Scopelitis, Mon Jan 25 13:27
    Thank you Tzoneman for the great posts and super cool Info,Your good attitude proves You have more class then 90% of the entire WW Web,only good stuff here,I am smiling,Please have a good day
    • Thanks Andrewtzoneman, Tue Jan 26 17:28
      Hey Andrew, thanks VERY much for your support and very nice compliments! For me, it's ALWAYS been about giving something back. With TZA visitors like yourself, it's way worth it. So, thanks a lot,... more
    • Re: 17 years of Quality — Anonymous, Mon Jan 25 22:57
      • Much thanks to Anonymoustzoneman, Tue Jan 26 17:31
        Hi Anonymous, thanks a lot for supporting TZA! I too miss the good old 5th Dimension! Those were the days, the early days. But never fear. I do plan on keeping TZA and the spirit of The Twilight Zone ... more
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