The Twilight Zone Archives 18th Anniversary!
Mon Jan 16, 2017 04:35

Happy 18th Anniversary to The Twilight Zone Archives!

Here's to all the visitors of TZA, for keeping this non-profit alive after 18 years! Not kept alive by financial means through donations, no; since TZA doesn't accept donations. It has been through your visiting the site that's kept it alive!

So, thank you for helping make TZA's 18th anniversary possible!

Zone on!

p.s. Well, maybe I helped a little... ;)

    • Re: The Twilight Zone Archives 18th Anniversary!fellow zoner, Tue Jan 17 14:17
      You might say you've ensured there has been "time enough at last" to enjoy the site. (groan :) Thanks!
      • thankstzoneman, Wed Jan 18 03:59
        nice pun. heheh. you might say, there have been so many visitors to The Twilight Zone Archives over these last 18 years, so much so, that i've never had to ask, "Where is Everybody?" ;)
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