gean hurd
forgotten episode
Wed Jun 14, 2017 01:48

I remember an episode where a 1800's family is going west by wagon and get sick, While the son is out looking for water he meets a man from the future who it time traveling into the past to collect objects abandoned by the wagon trains going west and taking them into the future with him to sell as antiques. He tells the boy that such sickness no longer exists in his time but refuses to help. So the boy takes bedding from s death bed and puts it in s chest that he knows the time traveler will take with him back into the future where such diseases are thought to be extinct. Does anyone remember this? or know what episode this was? or was it even a Twilight Zone show ??

    • Forgotten episodeAH , Fri Nov 2 16:48
      That 1800's family story sounds like, "One Hundred Yards Over The Rim". But with a lot of different scenes. Don't think it's TZ. “You'd be surprised, Charlie. There's a whole lot on the other side of ... more
    • hmmm...tzoneman, Sat Sep 9 07:23
      well, it's not a twilight zone, neither is it an outer limits. perhaps it's an episode from 'one step beyond.' was it in b&w or color?
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