Forgotten episode
Fri Nov 2, 2018 16:48

That 1800's family story sounds like, "One Hundred Yards Over The Rim".
But with a lot of different scenes. Don't think it's TZ.

“You'd be surprised, Charlie.
There's a whole lot on the other side of that rim.
For there'll be highways and many new things- a whole new land.
You know what, Charlie? It was people like us.
We made it happen.”

  • forgotten episodegean hurd, Wed Jun 14 01:48
    I remember an episode where a 1800's family is going west by wagon and get sick, While the son is out looking for water he meets a man from the future who it time traveling into the past to collect... more
    • Forgotten episode — AH , Fri Nov 2 16:48
    • hmmm...tzoneman, Sat Sep 9 07:23
      well, it's not a twilight zone, neither is it an outer limits. perhaps it's an episode from 'one step beyond.' was it in b&w or color?
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