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Yvette Holden
Thu Jul 9, 2009 05:12

This just confirms what I wrote we all turn a blind eye to the abuses which is totally unacceptable but I believe prison abuses and long sentences all tie in. They dish out long sentences this makes available cheap workers. All these officials get voted into office and get rich. Harsh sentences provides workers then brainwash the public these are animals so no ones cares but now the population is growing old and with it old age illnesses they don't want this expense they want rid they only want prisoners while they are fit and healthy. All the system is corrupt it makes the elite rich off the backs of crime and suits them to hand out ridiculous sentences to the young and fit! To keep lining there pockets!

  • Re: ReplyPetra, Mon Jul 6 16:41
    I never saw a consequense for officals, just a "go ahead" with torture and murder .... TORTURE:... more
    • abuses — Yvette Holden, Thu Jul 9 05:12
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