Re: TX: Linda Carty - UK government appeal for death row woman
Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:50 (XFF:

I would like to add that not once has Linda mentioned the victim. All she had done is tell people she didn't do it. If that were true and she really didn't do it then she could have stopped who ever did this to my cousin. JOANNA did not deserve to die yet Linda and her accomplices cut her life short, now her little boy will never get a chance to even know what she was like. Linda says she doesn't deserve the death penalty, i say she does...she cant bring my cousin back, she cant disappear the pain our whole family went threw because of what she and her accomplices did, they murdered my cousin and killers they will be forevermore in my family eyes. She deserves everything that is coming her way!!!

  • UK government appeal for death row woman PA Sunday, 10 May 2009 The government has intervened in the case of a British woman facing the death penalty in Texas, the Foreign Office has confirmed. Linda ... more
    • Re: TX: Linda Carty - UK government appeal for death row woman — Christy, Thu Sep 10 12:50
    • The human face of death row (8 pictures)Petra, Fri Jun 26 14:59
      The human face of death row (8 pictures) 5 / 8 Linda Carty is a British citizen who has been on... more
      • Face-to-face with death row inmates at London show Fri Jul 3, 2009 By Julie Mollins LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Death row inmates depicted in oil paintings by British artist Claire Phillips, on view in... more
        • abusesYvette Holden, Sat Jul 4 05:56
          Why are we not appalled by prisoners being abused? Or is it only when they have been exonerated we object because now this innocent person has been tortured! Prisoners being abused is not acceptable... more
          • Re: abusesxkittenx, Sun Jul 5 10:20
            you think she will be found innocent? Linda Carty is a law onto herself and she does not help matter with her attuiude,she thinks she is above the rest of us,guily or not maybe this bring her back to ... more
            • ReplyYvette Holden, Mon Jul 6 01:52
              I know very little about this womans case so I cannot comment on guilt or innocence ( but a convicted in Texas the chances are the woman is innocent). My opinion was concerning her being abused by... more
              • Re: ReplyPetra, Mon Jul 6 16:41
                I never saw a consequense for officals, just a "go ahead" with torture and murder .... TORTURE:... more
                • abusesYvette Holden, Thu Jul 9 05:12
                  This just confirms what I wrote we all turn a blind eye to the abuses which is totally unacceptable but I believe prison abuses and long sentences all tie in. They dish out long sentences this makes... more
    • TX: PETITION - Free Linda CartyPetra, Fri May 15 14:16
      Free Linda Carty Target:Gov. Rick Perry, the state of Texas Sponsored by: The Hudson's Women's Aid; Heidi Isabelle Moan and Gavin Reeves We, the undersigned urge you to respect , Ms Carty's rights,... more
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