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Re: TX: Linda Carty - UK government appeal for death row woman
Sat Sep 12, 2009 09:32

Christy I'm sorry for your loss but Linda Carty doesn't deserve to die no one does.I like you believe she had something to do with what happened i don't think she is innocent as she makes out all Ive ever seen is her saying she is innocent and constantly moaning about the treatment she has received in prison ie a burst mattress stupid things.

From day 1 when i first read her rambling online about the treatment she is receiving and about how she helped catch drug dealers etc and that she was innocent not once did she show any compassion for the victim or indeed speak about her or the baby,this baby will grow up with out his mother her will never know her all he will know is that his mother was murdered and that is a terrible burden for anyone i hope this child grows into a healthy happy adult and not into an adult full of hate for what happened to his mother as hate can take over his life..

Linda Carty will indeed get whats coming to her she should spend rest of her natural life in prison without the possibility of parole....

  • I would like to add that not once has Linda mentioned the victim. All she had done is tell people she didn't do it. If that were true and she really didn't do it then she could have stopped who ever... more
    • Re: TX: Linda Carty - UK government appeal for death row woman — xkittenx, Sat Sep 12 09:32
    • Understand the Death PenaltyPetra, Fri Sep 11 02:39
      Sorry, really sorry for what you must go through. But as long as the families of crime victims support murder by states I'll cut my thoughts short on them. Because we need all actions to stop the... more
      • Re: Understand the Death Penaltyxkittenx, Sat Sep 12 10:15
        Hi Petra this is gonna sound stupid but how do u sign up for the death row updates?i cant remember how i did it and i have people asking me how to sign up can u please help? thanks
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