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Re: Death in Texas - UK-Linda Carty's Trafalgar Square audio ...
Sat Oct 17, 2009 13:30

I knew the broadcast would make no difference to her case, what she thought the British ppl would or could do i don't know,The DP isn't an issue over here so most people would have just continued on with there shopping or whatever,because the DP is not an issue over here most Brits wouldn't even know how to go about helping her most would have just said what can i do i cant help you, and there not saying that because we are an uncaring nation most just have no clue on how to go about helping.Unlike the USA were a civilized nation we don't murder our inmates and at the same time i don't think we punish them severely enough in some cases.

Linda's fate Lie's in the hands of a broken and very unfair justice system in the USA unfortunately so her chance's don't look good.As for that poor excuse for a Lawyer why is he still allowed to practice Law especially capital case's?its been said time and time again how incompetent this man is so why is no one coming forward and asking that this man be investigated?This man needs to be stopped he obviously cant do his job properly and hes letting his clients down hes actually playing with there lives,It seems that this man is being paid for not doing the job he's ment to he's draining the system and keeping death row full single handed please someone in the USA stop this man before anyone else ends up on the ROW that could possibly be innocent...

  • Death in Texas By Andrew Wander Linda Carty's Trafalgar Square audio message was the last throw of the dice by campaigners [EPA] "Please don't allow them to kill me for a crime that I know I did not... more
    • Re: Death in Texas - UK-Linda Carty's Trafalgar Square audio ... — xkittenx, Sat Oct 17 13:30
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