Fri Dec 4, 2009 16:28

It has also been stated that the books Bobby took out the library he could only read 3 letter words and did not understand the bigger words it was also stated that many of the books taken out were picture books where Bobby looked at the pictures.Other IQ tests Bobby had showed his IQ was hovering below or jusy above 70 teachers have also stated that Bobby was slower than the other children in his class.Bobby may have graduated from school but he went no further due to the fact he did not have the ability to go to collage also it does not take a phd to be a short order cook..What Bobby did was disgusting we all know that what he did to these 2 kids is beyond words and i am not saying any different bit Bobby is retarded some say thats no excuse for what he did and they would be right its not an excuse however Bobby does not deserve to be executed no one does,should he spend rest of his ife inprison yes and he should also be given the help he needs.

  • Bobbie Woods and Proper Justiceqwkinuf, Thu Dec 3 00:06
    On April 30, 1997, Bobby Wayne Woods entered the home of his ex-girlfriend Schwana Patterson through an open window. Woods then raped her 11-year daughter, Sarah, then abducted her and her 9-year-old ... more
    • qwkinuf — xkittenx, Fri Dec 4 16:28
    • Re: Bobbie Woods and Proper JusticeYvette Holden, Fri Dec 4 01:04
      All murders are appalling even state murder, two wrongs don't make it right. When society can remove and separate these people they should not be killing them. We have been protected against him all... more
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