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Re: Richard Tabler
Wed Feb 10, 2010 19:25

Thank you Timmy I am forever in your dept for this information. I can imagine all DR inmates are happy to rid him too. (I will get called a lair and a fake again on this statement , but hey I am still here)

If you look at the DR inmates in all states they hate him. The best behaved men/women have been living on DR for many years without phone access and Tabler wanted his say.

I despise people on DR who plead innocence and it happens as MY husband lives on DR. I am happy to keep his name out of the media and on line and I will NOT allow others to bully me into giving his name.

Tabler was a bully and I am sorry he wants to die but I feel if the state don't get him someone else will....................

XKittenX I think you better get well and come back . x

  • Re: Richard Tabler timmy, Wed Feb 10 17:12
    This is the most recent as it was announced today. You may recall Tabler's sister had smuggled a cell phone into him and he made a call to John Whitmire threating his wife and daughters.
    • Prison investigator says senator threat a scam By MICHAEL GRACZYK, Associated Press | March 26, 2013 | Updated: March 26, 2013 9:03pm HOUSTON (AP) — A death threat against a Texas lawmaker that was... more
    • Re: Richard Tabler Carolina Gonzalez, Thu Feb 11 22:29
      Tabler's sister did not smuggle a phone, a guard did....important detail because dr inmates in TX do not touch anyone but guards. Even when you buy food from vending machines the food is taken by the ... more
      • Re: Richard Tabler xkittenx, Sat Feb 13 18:37
        Hi Caroline,I also read that it was his mother and sister who paid a guard to smuggle the phone in i also read that a few guards were sacked over the phone case.
      • Re: Richard Tabler timmy, Fri Feb 12 10:35
        Well of course the guard was the go between but it was the sister who gave the phone to the guard. It is fair to say the sister smuggled the phone to Tabler via the guards.
        • Re: Richard Tabler Carolina Gonzalez, Sat Feb 13 00:29
          The sister might have paid for it but I think that mentioning the guard is important in all this, especially when it is not an isolated event.
    • Re: Richard Tabler — Micky, Wed Feb 10 19:25
      • Re: Richard Tabler Carolina Gonzalez, Thu Feb 11 22:40
        So many generalizations on this are right SOME may be happy....just some..... DR inmates live with no phones because they have no access to them. If phones were offered as they are in... more
        • Re: Richard Tabler timmy, Fri Feb 12 10:39
          Most on DR say they are innocent also. Some would tell you every person on DR was wrongly convicted and we all know that is not true. There is a reason why inmate are not allowed cell phones and... more
          • Re: Richard Tabler xkittenx, Sat Feb 13 17:21
            What about the innocent on DR?
          • Re: Richard Tabler Carolina Gonzalez, Sat Feb 13 00:27
            I know plenty of guilty man on death row. Not all of them say they are innocent and I am sure some say it when they are not. No doubt. I believe inmates should have the right to make some phone... more
      • Re: Richard Tabler timmy, Wed Feb 10 20:08
        I'll respect your privacy and not ask but I am sorry your going through this.
        • Re: Richard Tabler Micky, Thu Feb 11 22:44
          Thank you for that. I really do appreciate what you said, I would also appreciate it if you wouldn't bring children into any subject when it comes to DP. I say this for a reason. My life as a... more
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