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Re: Richard Tabler
Thu Feb 11, 2010 22:44

Thank you for that. I really do appreciate what you said, I would also appreciate it if you wouldn't bring children into any subject when it comes to DP. I say this for a reason. My life as a 'person' who is married to a DR inmate is bad enough as it is. My daughter who is 23 graduated with her B.A Honours here in the UK and I was put down because I thought 'a' person who was on DR in Ohio was a man who was trying to get money from Reprieve. I thought it was disgusting I had facts and figures and I was still classed as a lair.

No doubt I am still classed as this.

Such as life.

  • Re: Richard Tabler timmy, Wed Feb 10 20:08
    I'll respect your privacy and not ask but I am sorry your going through this.
    • Re: Richard Tabler — Micky, Thu Feb 11 22:44
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