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Moral differences between killings
Wed Jun 30, 2010 06:27


I am not sure any anti on this board can make the moral distinction between the victim and the criminal, the innocent and the guilty, the crime and the punishment. That is what you antis do by equating execution and murder.

Killing in self defense, a just war and executions as a response to terrible crimes is morally licit.

"Killing equals Killing: The Amoral Confusion of Death Penalty Opponents"

"The Death Penalty: Neither Hatred nor Revenge"

"The Death Penalty: Not a Human Rights Violation"

"Death Penalty Support: Religious and Secular Scholars"

  • Re: Pat, thank youYvette Holden, Wed Jun 30 03:10
    Killing is wrong, civilized society should not execute its citizens. Dudley, judges and wardens once retired then admit there is no reason other than political to execute (or in your case for... more
    • Governments near perfection - protecting murderersDudley Sharp, Wed Jun 30 06:41
      As you well know, government officials whose ONLY job is to assess the ability of criminals to safely be in society are wrong about 60-80% of the time. These probationers, parolees and other early... more
      • The Death Penalty and Deterrence A September 2000 New York Times survey found that during the last 20 years, the homicide rate in states with the death penalty has been 48 to 101 percent higher than... more
        • concidence is all it is Petra , well if i was an anti DP advocate id search also for all sorts of hot air to support what i beleive in , but concidence is all it is , a killer doesn't really think... more
          • Pat, why deterrence mattersDudley Sharp, Fri Jul 2 09:34
            Many wrongly believe that gross murder rates are the manner in which we detect deterrence. It isn't, nor can it be, even though some social scientists and others use that barometer. For example,... more
            • Deterrence and counterdeterrencePortia, Sun Jun 3 07:26
              The recent study of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in the U.S.A. offers a balanced presentation of the evidence, or often the lack thereof, and rightly finds the results inconclusive as to... more
            • Facts about DeterencePetra, Sat Jul 3 14:31
              DETERRENCE The fourth in a series on death penalty issues (see also DPIC podcasts) It might seem that the prospect of receiving a death sentence would deter would-be murderers from committing such... more
              • Of course the death penalty detersDudley Sharp, Sat Jul 3 14:58
                Reply to the Criminologists "Deterrence and the Death Penalty: A Reply to Radelet and Lacock"... more
                • Re: Of course the death penalty detersxkittenx, Mon Jul 5 03:19
                  Dudley if it was a deterrent there would be no murders!!I read a survay done amongst police chiefs not that long ago and 78% said the death penalty did not deter offenders some said that they felt... more
                  • understanding deterrenceDudley Sharp, Mon Jul 5 07:53
                    Kitten, you don't understand deterrence. The foundation for deterrence is that the prospect of a negative outcome will have a conscious or subconscious affect on restraining the behavior that may... more
                    • Deterrence and the death penaltyPetra., Thu Apr 26 16:52
             Wednesday, April 25, 2012 | @ 5:24 PM Deterrence and the death penalty by JOSEPH SLOBODZIAN The death penalty: Deters people... more
                    • Re: understanding deterrencexkittenx, Tue Jul 6 18:53
                      Dudley everyone has there own opinion about the DP and what a fitting sentence is for murder the thing that gets me about you is no matter what inmate is mentioned you insist there guilty there is no ... more
                    • Re: understanding deterrencexkittenx, Mon Jul 5 08:54
                      Dudley i fully understand that but would LWOP not have same effect?
                      • execution vs life - deterrenceDudley Sharp, Mon Jul 5 10:09
                        All negative outcomes have similar effects in deterrence. It is unlikely that any two different prospects of a negative outcome have the exact same deterrent effect. They are different. However, was... more
                        • Re: execution vs life - deterrencexkittenx, Tue Jul 6 17:52
                          Dudley how can u say that LWOP wont have the same effect as execution?Its never been tried and if you ask any inmate who's sentence is LWOP the majority of them would tell you they would rather have... more
                          • Understanding deterrenceDudley Sharp, Wed Jul 7 05:51
                            We know the deterrent effects of execution are different than LWOP. As about, 99.9% of murderers subject to the death penalty fear life more than death and prefer life over death, and as most folks... more
                • Human Rights Facts February 26, 2010 Filip Spagnoli Human Rights Facts (162): The Truth About the Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty, Ctd. November 7, 2009 Filip Spagnoli Leave a comment Some more ... more
                  • Go to Petra's linkDudley Sharp, Sat Jul 3 18:03
                    I have corrected as much of the errors as I can. Some of the posts did not appear, though.
                    • Re: Go to Petra's linkxkittenx, Mon Jul 5 03:26
                      Roflmao what did i tell you Petra Dudley would argue with your figures lol
                    • Re: Go to Petra's linkPetra, Sun Jul 4 16:18
                      I don’t think that those who believe in deterrence are willing to look.
                      • Re: Go to Petra's linkxkittenx, Mon Jul 5 02:51
                        You do no that PRO DP especially Dudley will argue these figures are wrong dont you? lol
                  • All rebutted withinDudley Sharp, Sat Jul 3 17:39
                    Of course the death penalty deters — Dudley Sharp, Sat Jul 3 14:58
          • You don't stop murdering with the DP but spread the word as state that a human life can be killed with some circumstances. And you execute with a very questioned choice, when the state kills, it... more
      • US: Editorial: What courts are telling usPetra, Wed Jun 30 15:31
        Editorial: What courts are telling us StoryDiscussionPosted: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 If you’re looking for an indictment of one part of our judicial system, consider this opening sentence of a... more
    • Moral differences between killings — Dudley Sharp, Wed Jun 30 06:27
      • Re: Moral differences between killingsxkittenx, Thu Jul 1 12:03
        This is where we totally disagree you see an execution as a moral killing its ok to execute where as i see all killings as immoral Dudley i do however understand where your coming from you take a... more
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