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Sent to Derrick.... That night...
Thu Jul 22, 2010 16:22

Sad I could not have forwarded all messages directly..

prayers from ireland

20.07.10 06:07:46
20.07.10 06:07:46

dear derrick

as i write this dear brother i am praying for you.i dont even know if you shall recieve this email.. will the state of Texas have put an end to the life of yet another wonderful child of God. i read what you said about your life in prison and i was deeply moved.i cannot imagine the pain and suffering that you endure as you wait wondering whether or not the state will take your life. i dont know you i have never met you ,i only see a picture of you .yet i know you are a kindred spirit.

please forgive me .i am just rabbiting . i dont know what to say really.if they do take your life tomorrow please know that my prayers are with sound like a good man .you sound like a man who has faith in God.derrick i am not trying to preach to you..merely to give you a little hope,a little awareness that in this cruel world there is someone who is thinking of you and who is concerned about how you are getting on.( by the way lest you are wondering i amnt gay!!) i just felt moved to write to you..if they do this to you please keep your eyes on Jesus..just keep saying Jesus I trust in you ..and tell him that even though you have not killed anyone that you are sorry for the sins you have we all commit sins. He is waiting for you and all of us at the other side.

peace brother and bye bye for now

david mccracken

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