TX: Steven Woods #999427
Fri Jul 15, 2011 16:21

To whom it may concern,
I apologize for how rude this is, but I am writing you this because I
need urgent assistance, as my execution date is 2 months away.
My name is Steven Woods. #999427. I was wrongfully convicted and
sentenced to death by the state of Texas for capital murder in 2002,
and have always maintained my innocence. Three months after I was
convicted, the real murderer, Marcus Rhodes stood up in court and
testified that he was the one who knowingly and intentionally killed
both victims. He never once mentioned me. There is no physical
evidence connecting me to the crime scene. Marcus' fingerprints were
all over the murder weapons. Mine were not. The victims' backpacks
were in Marcus' car, which was littered with bullet casings. Most, if
not ALL of what the prosecution said about me was false. My family
will be happy to confirm this. It makes no difference though. I am
here to take blame for this crime, so that a rich, well-connected
family would not have to deal with negative media and the burdens that
come with death row. How convenient. Well, not really. Not for my
family. The next time my mom will get to hug me or even hold my hand
will be on September 13 2011 after I'm dead. Up until now, I somehow
convinced myself that everyone would know that something just isn't
right, and they'd act on it. So much for that.

Right now, what I need more than anything, is your help please. I have
no phone access, no internet access and no one to hear my cries for
I'm begging YOU, please to hear my story and share it with others. I
need people to please contact Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. (Gov. Perry is
planning on running for presidency- so this would be a great time to
bring up his careless murderous antics and his destructive attitude
towards human life). Perry has already killed at least one innocent
man- who was my good friend, Cameron Todd Wllingham, and this should
not be allowed to happen again. I don't want to die. I miss my family.
I want to hug my wife again (I can't even hold her hand) I want to
have kids with her and be able to live life like a human being after
10 years in total confinement. The chance to do this will be taken
away from me this September when Texas executes me for a crime I
didn't commit.
You can change this. Please, please, I beg you for your help. It's a
matter of life and death.

Love and Revolution,
Steven Woods
Email Gov. Rick Perry of Texas at:,,
Email the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles:

To contact Steven Woods personally via mail:

Steven Woods #999427
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

  • US: scheduled executionsPetra., Fri Jul 15 16:19
    • TX: Steven Woods #999427 — Petra., Fri Jul 15 16:21
      • Mr WoodsAnonymous, Tue Sep 13 18:38
        mr woods, i will share this letter and info with everyone i can!! i know u are innocent! ill pray for you. Jerosky Vega
        • TX: Governor Perry's Death MissionPetra., Sat Oct 8 16:47
          Governor Perry's Death Mission By Marc Pitzke in New York In Texas, Steven Michael Woods is slated for execution on Tuesday, despite considerable doubts about his guilt. The inmate is fighting to... more
      • Steve, I'm so sorry!Chrissie, Sat Sep 10 08:57
        I have only just found about Steve's date and I'm absoloutely gutted that I now have run out of time to get a letter to him from here in the UK before it's too late. Steve will always be in the... more
      • Re: TX: Steven Woods #999427Leslie, Tue Sep 6 07:57
        I just wanted to let Steven know that I sent messages and will continue to until it is too late. Then I will send messages with the knowledge of this injustice. I hope I'm helping.
        • stevenwoodchris hope, Tue Sep 13 19:10
          he will lose michigan because of this typical republican though over 50 % of people live at or near poverty keep voting for these stupid ultra cons and see what happens
      • Action - Clemency letters for Steven Woods Friends, We have been asked to urge our members and contacts to write letters to support the petition for clemency for Steven Woods, who is scheduled for... more
      • TX: ON DIRECT APPEAL 2004 - Steven WoodsPetra., Mon Jul 18 15:50
      • Friday, August 16, 2002 Laredo Morning Times PAGE 9A STATE DNA samples used in trial for double slaying in The Colony DENTON, Texas (AP) — DNA samples taken from a man on trial for a double slaying... more
      • Really?Dudley Sharp, Sun Jul 17 08:21
        Steven: What gives you zero credibility is that you left out all of the evidence that convicted you and all of the appeals you have presented that the courts have rejected. Talking to your family... more
        • Re: Really?Moo, Fri Sep 9 10:11
          What evidence are you referring to? Please post the evidence as I the only evidence I can find are hearsay statements. No eye witness, no confession, no DNA, no physical. To what evidence are you... more
          • Woods bragged about committing the murdersDudley Sharp, Fri Sep 9 13:17
            "Jerry Parr, the lead defense attorney in the case, said Woods sealed his fate by bragging to acquaintances about the slayings. He said the heinous nature of the crime helped the jury decide to... more
        • TX: Why I Am Here - Steven Woods Petra, Mon Jul 18 06:52
          Law of Parties Section 7.02 of the Texas Penal Code outlines the following: A person is criminally responsible for an offense committed by the conduct of another if "acting with intent to promote or... more
          • Re: TX: Why I Am Here - Steven Woods Mal Reynolds, Wed Sep 7 19:08
            Woods was tried and convicted as the shooter - not under the law of parties.
          • Re: TX: Why I Am Here - Steven Woods Dudley Sharp, Mon Jul 18 07:52
            Steven: What nonsnense. Grow up. You are gfoing to die. It's time to speak the truth. The law of parties is based upon being part of a criminal conspiracy. The law is clear. Therefore, you could only ... more
            • Hey Sharp. I f**ing hope you get pancreatic cancer... Sharp is a typical Texas bastard
              • to the anonymous "me"Dudley Sharp, Wed Sep 7 01:20
                And I hope you get joy and peace.
              • ConfessionDudley Sharp, Tue Sep 6 17:51
                William Law: "To say, therefore, as some have said, if God is all love toward fallen man, how can he threaten or chastise sinners is no better that saying, if God is all goodness in Himself and... more
            • mercy & the death penaltyDudley Sharp, Tue Sep 6 14:26
              Quaker biblical scholar Dr. Gervas A. Carey agrees with Saints Augustine and Aquinas, that executions represent mercy to the wrongdoer: ". . . a secondary measure of the love of God may be said to... more
            • 63 days to live – Steven Wood Texas death row July 22, 2011 by Steven Woods on Saturday, July 16, 2011 I’m terribly troubled by the media and our society. Recently, we got this wonderful spectacle of ... more
            • Steven Woods, the liar - no surpriseDudley Sharp, Mon Jul 18 08:27
              Summary of incident On 05/02/2001, in The Colony, Texas, Woods and 1 co-defendant used a 380 caliber pistol, a 45 caliber pistol, and a knife to kill a 21 year old white male victim by shooting the... more
              • You said: "By ALL accounts, Rhodes did not inflict any of the mortal wounds upon any of the victims" There are no witnesses to this crime. So by WHOSE account? Again, hearsay.
                • Wood's accountDudley Sharp, Fri Sep 9 13:26
                  "Jerry Parr, the lead defense attorney in the case, said Woods sealed his fate by bragging to acquaintances about the slayings. He said the heinous nature of the crime helped the jury decide to... more
              • Please at least bother to properly read up on the case. Rhodes fingerprints were on the gun, Woods were not. The only reason Woods was convicted is because some people testified that he TOLD them he... more
              • Not fact.XX, Fri Sep 9 09:59
                ''According to the victim's family, Woods was most responsible for the murders'' This makes no sense. They were not there. In fact there were only 4 people there- 2 of them are dead and the other one ... more
                • Woods bragged about the murders (nm)Dudley Sharp, Fri Sep 9 15:48
                  • To Dudley SharpSDL, Sat Nov 12 12:34
                    I sincerely hope you get cancer. You are a contemptible human being.
                    • to SDLDudley Sharp, Sat Nov 12 14:13
                      I hope you have a wonderful life and do many wonderful things for you and others.
                      • relpySDL, Sat Nov 12 14:23
                        Oh, I do, Dudley. I work against knuckledraggers like you.
                        • replyDudley Sharp, Sat Nov 12 17:45
                          Some are name callers, some are not. Best wishes and try to do better.
                        • ReplyDudley Sharp, Sat Nov 12 14:50
                          Quaker biblical scholar Dr. Gervas A. Carey agrees with Saints Augustine and Aquinas, that executions represent mercy to the wrongdoer: ". . . a secondary measure of the love of God may be said to... more
              • Really? 2 seperated trials ...Petra., Mon Jul 18 11:59
                Steven Woods was sentenced to death as the actual murderer . Three months later, Rhodes stood up in court and confessed. He said HE shot Beth and HE shot Ron, killing both ... The jury NEVER heard... more
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