rafik derradji
to Mr Mark Stroman
Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:52

Dear Mr MARk Stroman,
i hope the judge spare you from death, and i understand you did the crime out of pure ignorance wich may God forgive you, the men who frogave you have a big heart this story will always go on and shows that mercy is possible, i suffer from racism sometimes people dont show you it, but the atmosphere is just not right!i hope that every one will get educated and find out that islam is not religion of hate and those who did 9/11 are ignorant themselves too, as islam never said to kill people let alone innocent and believe you mate they will be punished in the next life according to islamic teachings. how ever Mr Mark be strong and peace be with you and if you done well spreading your message for those left in the darkness of ignorance with what you wrote in your blog take care.

rafik muslim Algerian.

    • murder?Linda, Thu Jul 21 03:23
      Although I know Mr. Stroman has been executed already (I call that murder too) I don't think he's the only murderer here. What he did was wrong. But after 9/11 the US attacked a country on the other... more
      • murder?Linda, Fri Jul 22 11:49
        Yes, an execution, especially in this case but also in many other is another word for murder. That's why in many CIVILIZED countries executions are something of two centuries ago. An execution isn't... more
      • Re: murder?xkittenx, Fri Jul 22 11:39
        Well said, but thats all different when the usa commit mass murder they call that justice
      • Re: murder?Jorge Jojó, Thu Jul 21 09:00
        Really true. Despite my bad english language, i feel sorry for that, i agree with you. The United States kills thousands of peoples around the world, mainly in World War II. However that, no ones... more
        • Re: murder?xkittenx, Fri Jul 22 13:31
          The USA start wars they are unable to fight on there own and other countries have to help them Britian being one of them i have lost family members through the usa wars in a 3 mile are we lost 6... more
    • Re: to Mr Mark StromanSamuel Moehrke, Wed Jul 20 23:47
      While your sentiments of sorrow are understood, You Mr Strohman made a terrible mistake, one that just cannot be forgotten and and go unpunished. I am glad you received the sentence you got, but... more
      • Victim Forgives, Texas ExecutesPetra., Fri Jul 22 14:18
        Jul 21st, 2011 Posted by Anna Arceneaux, Capital Punishment Projectat 2:45pm CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Victim Forgives, Texas Executes Last night, Texas executed Mark Stroman for a string of hate crimes... more
    • Mark May you go to be with the Angels now. Life is short enough without someone taking it from you prematurely. What you did was not good, but your victims have foregiven, and so should others. What... more
    • Good Luck (nm)CC, Wed Jul 20 06:36
    • Innocence.Kayleigh, Wed Jul 20 04:11
      hi there. I have only just came across this story here in the uk. and i feel if the man he shot has forgiven then surely as he has 4 children he can be forgiven by others aswell? He was clearly not... more
    • Re: to Mr Mark StromanSteve, Tue Jul 19 19:17
      I am sorry you made a mistake
    • Thank youNikita Stewart, Tue Jul 19 18:39
      Dear Mark, I discovered your story 10 minutes ago. I am not usually touched by stories I find on the internet, but your one has affected me quite considerably. The way acts of hate can establish... more
      • Thats true, NikitaJorge Jojó, Thu Jul 21 09:42
        Hi, Nikita. I think that death penalty is not solution, because she´s the same. The americans is wrong when decide to punish with it. Nobody feels better when a man died. There will be a silence on... more
        • Re: Thats true, Nikitaxkittenx, Fri Jul 22 13:37
          The USA don't care if the accused is innocent as long as someone pays for the crime.the people who are meant to serve and protect plant evidence or with hold evidence to secure there case they... more
        • Re: Thats true, NikitaDudley Sharp, Fri Jul 22 09:32
          There is no indication that man should not seek justice on earth. In fact, man is expected to seek justice on earth, if the whole Christain message is to be considered. Often, justice as many things, ... more
          • Re: Thats true, NikitaLinda, Tue Aug 2 15:09
            Sadly this isn't justice. It has nothing to do with justice even. An eye for an eye isn't justice but revenge. You people should start throwing away that ...ing bible and learn what justice really is.
          • Re: Thats true, Nikitaxkittenx, Sat Jul 23 14:24
            so killing thousands of innocent ppl is what you call justice?
          • Justice as human creationPetra., Fri Jul 22 12:34
            Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics.[2] Justice as human... more
    • Greetings and Respects: Mark Ströman Petra., Tue Jul 19 14:03
      Greetings and Respects: My name is Mark Ströman and I am currently awaiting execution in this modernized Dungeon of Death that most call Texas Death Row. And yes, it’s a nightmare come to life. Words ... more
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