TX: In a lengthy dissent, Judge Elsa Alcala, joined by Judge
Wed Nov 27, 2013 13:34

In a lengthy dissent, Judge Elsa Alcala, joined by Judges Tom Price and Cheryl Johnson, noted that Buck's case was not only infected by racial animus but also by deficient lawyering that failed to raise any cognizable issues – presumably, including the bias claim – for the court to review. Buck's lawyers said they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court (see "CCA Dismisses Buck Appeal," Newsdesk, Nov. 20).

  • Salon story completely falsedudley sharp, Fri Nov 22 05:36
    The story is ccompletely false. Buck was sentenced to death for two attempted capital murders and two capital murders, which were all premeditated, murdering his ex wife in front of their two... more
    • TX: In a lengthy dissent, Judge Elsa Alcala, joined by Judge — Petra., Wed Nov 27 13:34
      • Racial bias was addressed. Did you not read the opinion? Alcala writes: "As to (Buck's) second claim (based upon racism) , I conclude that (Buck) has failed to make out a prima facie case for... more
        • Do you know about the 3 reasons you've had to die for in Texas in a capital case ? At least one is, the court needs someone who tells the jury, the guy is a further dangerous for the society .... or? ... more
          • Why future danger should be bannedDudley Sharp, Thu Nov 28 14:05
            We know that all violent criminals have some probability of future danger. So what? Proving future danger is an added burden on the prosecutor and provides an additional avenue on appeal for the... more
            • Re: Why future danger should be bannedPetra., Thu Nov 28 14:18
              Yes I know you want ban all a civil society sees as murder by the state - we call it lynching .... revenge --- just an eye for an eye because you can't handle a lost. You teach killing is ok,... more
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