Re: Why future danger should be banned
Thu Nov 28, 2013 14:18

Yes I know you want ban all a civil society sees as murder by the state -

we call it lynching .... revenge --- just an eye for an eye because you can't handle a lost.

You teach killing is ok, everyone has a reason for it and only courts in a civil state can stop this madness that your reason is different to this of a killer.

Find peace in mind, Dudley .... because for me you are a further danger .... you want to see People die...

  • Why future danger should be bannedDudley Sharp, Thu Nov 28 14:05
    We know that all violent criminals have some probability of future danger. So what? Proving future danger is an added burden on the prosecutor and provides an additional avenue on appeal for the... more
    • Re: Why future danger should be banned — Petra., Thu Nov 28 14:18
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