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AR-The execution of inmate Jack Jones took more than 45 min
Tue Apr 25, 2017 13:51

Disabled Jack Jones was executed in Arkansas on April 24th, 2017 - Dramatic delay in second Arkansas execution after first man put to death - execution of disabled Marcel Williams delayed

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The execution of inmate Jack Jones took more than 45 minutes, lawyers for a second condemned inmate say.
Dramatic delay in second Arkansas execution after first man put to death

First double execution to take place in the US in 16 years was put on hold amid legal wrangle over whether first lethal injection had gone wrong

The first double execution to take place in the US in one night in 16 years has been put on hold after the state of Arkansas was drawn into a legal wrangle over whether its first lethal injection had gone gruesomely wrong.

The dramatic events erupted a little over an hour after Jack Jones was put to death in the Cummins unit in south-east Arkansas on Monday night. The second prisoner, Marcel Williams, had been scheduled to follow him on the gurney just 75 minutes later, but a judge in the eastern district of the state stepped in and put a hold on his execution to give time to consider how Jones’s demise had occurred.

State officials insisted that the Jones execution had gone smoothly and that they should be allowed to proceed with the killing of Williams – which would be the first double execution in the US in 16 years. But Williams’ lawyers protested that it had taken 45 minutes for the execution team to find a vein into which they could inject a cocktail of medicines in lethal doses.

In justifying its procedures, the state then proceeded to divulge details that suggested an even more gruesome sequence of events than that suggested by defense lawyers. The state’s deputy solicitor general, Nicholas Bronni, filed a response to the federal judge’s delay saying that Arkansas department of corrections staff had tried “to place a central line in Jones’ neck, but the attempt was unsuccessful”.

The US supreme court had given the green light to the killing of Marcel Williams just minutes before Jones was pronounced dead. Jones was recorded as dying at 7.20pm local time, having had the chemicals injected into him 14 minutes earlier

His lawyers had expressed anxiety before the execution went ahead that the multiple drugs the prisoner is on for the condition could impair the effect of the sedative midazolam, the first chemical in the state’s triple lethal cocktail.

Williams had been scheduled to be killed at 8.15pm according to the original plan of up to eight executions in 11 days laid down by Republican governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson. He has faced national and international censure for the rushed timeframe which he said was necessary as the state’s batch of midazolam expires at the end of the month and replacement drugs would be hard to find given stringent distribution controls on medicines.

Had all eight executions happened, it would have been the most concentrated burst of state killing since the death penalty was allowed to resume in the US after a four-year moratorium in 1976. In the outcome, though, the state found itself up against formidable legal challenges brought by lawyers for the inmates and our of the eight were spared immediate death as a result of stays imposed by the courts.

One prisoner, Ledell Lee, was killed last Thursday night in an execution that lasted 12 minutes. Arkansas’ final death warrant is set for Thursday.

Jones execution began after a long day of legal challenges involving both state and federal courts. His lawyers presented evidence to judges that he had a long history of abuse and mental illness including two suicide attempts and recurring depression.

The appeals were countered aggressively by Arkansas’ attorney general Leslie Rutledge. As she battled to persuade the courts to allow the state to go ahead and kill two men, she posted on Twitter the “motivation Monday” message: “What will you accomplish this week?”

In the end, Rutledge accomplished her mission. In the afternoon Jones was given his final meal of three pieces of fried chicken, potato logs with tartar sauce, beef jerky bites, butterfinger bars, along with chocolate milkshake and fruit punch…..

Arkansas executes death row inmate Jack Jones

…. "I hope over time you can learn who I really am and I am not a monster," he said in the roughly 2-minute statement.
Execution Of Arkansas Inmate Jack Jones Was ‘Torturous And Inhumane,’ Lawyers Say
Stay is denied for second prisoner set to be executed Monday night.

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