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US - Executions Scheduled for 2017
Mon Aug 14, 2017 14:04

Executions Scheduled for 2017
Month State Inmate
15 PA Omar Shariff Cash — STAYED
22 MO Marcellus Williams
24 FL Mark Asay
30 TX Steven Long
7 TX Juan Castillo
13 OH Jeffrey A. Wogenstahl - STAYED/RESCHEDULED*
13 OH Alva Campbell, Jr. - RESCHEDULED
13 OH Gary Otte
12 TX Robert Pruett
16 NV Scott Raymond Dozier
18 OH Melvin Bonnell - RESCHEDULED*
18 OH William Montgomery - RESCHEDULED
18 OH Raymond Tibbetts
18 TX Anthony Shore
26 TX Clinton Lee Young
15 OH Robert Van Hook - RESCHEDULED
15 OH Alva Campbell, Jr.
16 TX Larry Swearingen

    • Nevada Death Row Inmate Telling Judge He Wants His Execution A 46-year-old Nevada death row inmate has again told the state judge that his decision to drop any appeals is firm, and he wants to be... more
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    List by Petra Hädrich-Kabacali (moderated)