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Larry Swearingen is scheduled to be executed by Texas on Nov
Sun Oct 1, 2017 12:50

Larry Swearingen is scheduled to be executed by Texas on November 16,2017

Texas – former Gov. Rick Perry and his successor Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas death penalty enthusiasts– don’t lose sleep over Texas executions promoting their political career also over executions.

“Let’s keep Texas the most exceptional state in America”, Gov. Abbott said, when he delivered his State of the State address on January 31st, 2017.

Let’s keep Texas the nation’s most busiest execution chamber, the Texan death penalty enthusiasts are thinking to themselves and are heading to execute Larry Swearingen in Huntsville on Nov. 16th, 2017, — the town at the heart of the system, which has sold death row bobblehead dolls in its gift shops along with pens shaped like the lethal injection needles the state uses in its executions.
Rick Perry: I don't lose sleep over Texas executions of killing a Montgomery College coed in 1998 and dumping her body in the Sam Houston National Forest. He has long maintained his innocence. After years of appellate fights over post-conviction DNA testing, Swearingen filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state in October 2016 claiming he should be entitled to the DNA testing. Swearingen sought testing on the victim's sexual assault collection kit; hairs recovered from her body, the gloves used to move her body and a hairbrush found on the ground near her body, among other evidence Swearingen's appellate attorneys believe contain biological evidence that has not been tested.

Execution Watch

Execution Watch with Ray Hill can be heard on KPFT 90.1 FM, in Galveston at 89.5, Livingston at 90.3, and in Huntsville at 89.7 as well as on the net here
Texas Schedules Execution but Refuses DNA Tests That Could Prove a Man’s Innocence

Larry Swearigen Innocent on Texas’s Death row

NEW EXECUTION DATE: Larry Swearingen is scheduled to be executed by Texas on November 16, 2017.
Montgomery County DA's Office requests new execution date for Swearingen
Amnesty International: Experts Exclude Man As Killer, Execution Set Anyway

The Absolutely Astounding Case of Larry Swearingen: Part 1

The Framing of Larry Swearingen, Part 2

The Framing of Larry Swearingen, Part 3

The Framing of Larry Swearingen, Part 4
"And here's where an absolutely astounding story becomes absolutely even more astounding. When faced with the evidence of seven scientific experts, all of whom place the date of death as sometime after Swearingen was in prison, and though they had no expert whatsoever to contradict that claim (Dr. Carter having switched horses just before hers drowned), and even though the overwhelming biologic date-of-death was supported by the existence frail and short-lived blood flakes, the court ruled that it all made no difference. The court rejected all the scientific evidence as of no consequence whatsoever. They refused to grant a new trial, and instead moved on with setting the third (and hopefully final) execution date."…
June 13, 2013: “The most guilty person in the history of Montgomery County”

… On 25 March, Case ruled in favour of the defence request for DNA testing. The state announced its intention to appeal the decision. If, as seems likely, the Court of Criminal Appeals allows the testing to go ahead, it will take around six months for the results to come out. Swearingen will return to the Ninth District courtroom in Conroe, where Case will hear the new evidence. Whatever he rules, it will be up to the Court of Criminal Appeals to decide whether Swearingen should be set free, granted a retrial, or put to death.

Reading the forensic reports, I often wondered whether the police, the prosecution and the Trotter family still believe that they got the right man, or whether the logic of an adversarial justice system compels them to fight to the end regardless. After the hearing in January, Diepraam told the local TV news that ‘Mr. Swearingen is probably the most guilty person in the history of Montgomery County when it comes to capital murder.’
Supporters of Justice for Larry Swearingen

  • Court Again Denies DNA Tests in Death Row Case • by Johnathan Silver - The Texas Tribune • Oct. 28, 2015 Death row inmate Larry Swearingen during an interview at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston,... more
    • Larry Swearingen is scheduled to be executed by Texas on Nov — Petra, Sun Oct 1 12:50
      • The legal reason for denial of DNA testing has always been that evidence of guilt is so overwhelming that there is no reason for DNA testing. This is a long standing legal reason to reject appellate... more
        • Lawyers agree to DNA testing in Swearingen's death row case By Keri... more
          • SwearingenDudley Sharp, Sat Nov 4 08:37
            Petra: One of the strangest legal back and forths, ever, 19 years in the making.
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