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Have a Facebook Biz Page?
Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:29am

How many of you now have a Facebook Business Page? Let's get a list started here so everyone can go see what your page is all about and "Like" it. It is a free way of advertising your chair caning business to the masses, although it is a bit of a time sucker to maintain and keep up with.

Are you all aware that you can make up a free FB business page for your chair caning business, besides having your own profile page for yourself? And after you have 25 "Likes" or fans, then you can request to have an easy to remember URL (web address) that anyone can easily find and go directly to.

I'll start out with mine and The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc. business pages and then Katherine can also give the links for hers, and then let's keep the ball rolling! Remember to write out the entire URL so it becomes a clickable link here.

The Wicker Woman® --
The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc. --

    • Facebook Pages Philen Chair Caning, Mon Mar 5 9:15am
      I have both a personal & business page, but I need to do a better job of keeping them both updated. Jennifer Philen Greenville, AL more
      • FB Biz vs. FB Personal Profile The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 5 12:09pm
        I know when I first signed up with Facebook, back in 2009 you had to first set up a profile page, and only after you had done that, were you able to set up a business page. So, unless they've changed ... more
    • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 5 8:56am
      hcribbs RE: FACEBOOK BIZ CONNECTION Mon Mar 5, 2012 8:20am Hello all! I think I'm on line now!!! Chairs Caned. 6 photos of my work. Helen Cribbs Springfield OH
      • Please post your FB URL The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 5 8:58am
        Helen, I moved your post back her to be under the same thread as all the rest about the Facebook business pages, so as not to confuse everyone. Please post the entire URL (address) of your new... more
    • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Seat DoKtor, Dick Knotts, Mon Feb 27 7:00pm
      Whew hew, Finally got my 25 likes and The Seat Doktor is now official at . Now to get some weaving done and leave the computer alone for an hour!
      • facebook Linda Sippel, Sun Mar 4 1:58am
        Please like "Linda Sippel An Arkansas Caner" on facebook I need about 13 likes yet. thank you in advance! Also feel free to leave comments.
        • Facebook Linda Sippel, Sun Mar 4 3:48pm
          see if this works.
          • Re: Facebook The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 5 6:45am
            That worked Linda, and just so everyone knows, you MUST copy and paste the ENTIRE URL or it won't work. And to "Like" someone's business page you must be signed in as either your personal profile or... more
    • Reddick Family Chair Caning FB biz page The Wicker Woman, Mon Feb 27 8:08am
      Here's Imogene Reddick and Family's Facebook biz page. They are located in OKC, OK and Imogene is about 93 years old now and still doing chair caning! Please "Like" their page and leave a comment so... more
    • Free Advertising Tip-- The Wicker Woman, Fri Feb 24 8:52am
      Free Advertising Tip-- If you have a blog or domain website, be sure to link back from your Facebook business page to the blog and/or website. And also put the Facebook Find Us! link and/or icons on... more
    • Facebook Biz Page tpapeika, Wed Feb 22 9:35am
      I've been fixing chairs for quite a while--but just getting into the computer end of it! Looking forward to the visits to my page and to discovering your pages!... more
      • Tom Papeika Page The Wicker Woman, Wed Feb 22 10:00am
        Tom, the reason your Facebook link is not working, is that you forgot the tail end with all the numbers. Until you get over 25 fans and request from Facebook that they give you the shorter more... more
    • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Wicker Woman, Wed Feb 22 7:36am
      Be sure to go to the other business and personal profile pages of our forum and guild members and "Like" AS YOUR BUSINESS PAGE. And then of course, you can also "Like" their page as your personal... more
      • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Wicker Woman, Wed Feb 22 8:58am
        i have a FB page go to "kerri the weaver" i am located in WI near green bay. Kerri, make it easy on everyone and type out the entire Facebook URL of your page, please. You can get it by going to your ... more
        • Facebook Page Sissel Kvammen Bakkelund, Thu Feb 23 9:27pm
          My name is Sissel K. Bakkelund, I have been following this blog for years and it has been very helpful. I am a Minneapolis-based Norwegian artisan with 20+ years experience in repair and renewal of... more
          • Re: Facebook Page The Wicker Woman, Thu Feb 23 9:32pm
            Hi Sissel, so glad to have you post your Facebook page, too! Sissel has been a long time advertiser on the Furniture Repair Directory also, welcome! Please go check out here page ASAP, she does... more
    • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? Mindy King - the chair weaver, Tue Feb 21 11:43am
      just built one: Mindy King
      • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? Mindy King - the chair weaver, Wed Feb 22 11:54pm
        I now have 25 likes and got a new address:
      • Face book page Craig Phillips / B & C Emporium, Wed Feb 22 9:55am!/pages/B-C-Empoirum/113533929577 Craig Phillips B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware Allegan, Michigan
    • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page?, Mon Feb 20 7:41am
      Ok I'm thick at this Cathryn...had no idea I could ask them to change it to something I have to ask and get a few more likes for my father to lol:-) these are the links for mine and my... more
      • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? Kit, Mon Feb 20 11:39am
        I'm really bad about before pictures also. Perhaps because I've done so many of some the chairs that I don’t think of it as anything special. Of course there are those that come out so much better... more
        • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Wicker Woman, Mon Feb 20 2:24pm
          Kit, couldn't help but chuckle on this one, been there, done that! Looking forward to "Liking" your FB biz page when it hits the airwaves/cyberwaves. The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters... more
      • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? The Wicker Woman, Mon Feb 20 8:10am
        Did you also know that it's possible for anyone to see/visit your FB business page without being logged in? Course you can't comment or interact with the page if you are not signed in, but you can... more
        • Re: Have a Facebook Biz Page? Mindy King - the chair weaver, Tue Feb 21 7:46pm
          a popular fixture of every guild gathering- photos of all 24 miniature chairs I've woven are in this album on my new FB business page:... more
          • re:Facebook Page The Seat DoKtor, Dick Knotts, Wed Feb 22 6:50am
            Working on it as we speak! Thanks for the nudge, Cathryn.
          • Mindy's miniatures jane/rush, reed & cane, Wed Feb 22 6:15am
            Those pictures are the first thing I noticed on Mindy's new page. They're adorable! I have two miniatures, one a rocker, that I found on two different occasions at my favourite thrift store. I figure ... more
            • Re: Mindy's miniatures Mindy King - the chair weaver, Wed Feb 22 10:29am
              I get my doll chairs from the Country Seat. their online catalog only mentions selling finished woven chairs but when I call I request unassembled/unfinished chairs and get 6 for the best price... more
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