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windows 8 is terrible
Sat Mar 2, 2013 12:50am

The problem is not with you. MicroSoft is changing their target to the people spending all day on their smart phones. If you just want to play around and use a touch and drag screen the new methods are superior. However, if you want to get some work done like entering 100 invoices before lunch or list 50 items on eBay, then this new stuff is awful, slow and tedious. If you have an old XP version of the op system, hang on to it as long as you can. Around here you can get a complete computer with XP software and Office for $100. Only disadvantage is that some of the new programs, especially games and videos will not work. Blue screen crashes and freezes. You can get older versions of almost all XP compatible software on eBay for very little money.

  • New Computer mcw1961, Fri Mar 1 7:41am
    Good Morning to Everyone, All I have to say is that I now have a new laptop, as the old one died. Unfortunately this one has Windows 8 on it, either it is a nightmare to learn or the worst operating... more
    • windows 8 is terrible johnk15, Sat Mar 2 12:50am
      • 8 is terrible mcw1961, Sat Mar 2 6:36am
        Good Morning John, Well I have to tell you I have heard this since I bought the pc, unfortunately ALL the computers had Windows 8, sadly to say, that if anything in the end would make me stop using a ... more
    • Re: New Computer The Wicker Woman, Fri Mar 1 7:56am
      Great to have you back up and running Mitchell, now send me the text and all for your Seatweaving ad in the National Furniture Repair Directory™ so you can be back on there, too! If you would... more
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