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8 is terrible
Sat Mar 2, 2013 6:36am

Good Morning John,

Well I have to tell you I have heard this since I bought the pc, unfortunately ALL the computers had Windows 8, sadly to say, that if anything in the end would make me stop using a computer it would be Windows 8.

Slow you can say that again, and the increased numbers of keystrokes, mouse clicks and the like to just navigate, then add to it them getting rid of the start up menu and you must run all over the sides of the computer screen hoping and praying that you can get the right area to open in a timely fashion is a nightmare. So much for doing anything is a speedy fashion they really goofed on this system.

Thanks for replying John. I may have to do what other have said and find, buy a Windows 7 program and have it installed on the computer.


Mitchell Webster
Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning
190 Rockfish School Lane
Afton, VA 22920


  • windows 8 is terrible johnk15, Sat Mar 2 12:50am
    The problem is not with you. MicroSoft is changing their target to the people spending all day on their smart phones. If you just want to play around and use a touch and drag screen the new methods... more
    • 8 is terrible mcw1961, Sat Mar 2 6:36am
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