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Re: Staining and matching cane
Tue May 7, 2013 3:58pm

We use MinWax as well and having the same problems with getting the color dark enough even after 2-3 applications. So we played with mixture of stain/lacquer/thinner and can usually match the colors closer than just staining layer after layer.

We always clearly state to our customer that it will be close but because we don't have a color matching machine it will not be an exact color match.

  • Staining and matching cane Jared Chafin, Tue May 7 9:48am
    I realize staining cane has been discussed on previous threads but my inquiry has more to do with matching. I really dislike staining cane but, more often than not, customers either want their seat... more
    • Re: Staining and matching cane Mindy King - the chair weaver, Thu May 16 9:17pm
      I don't stir the can but rather use a paint stirrer stick to scrape up the concentrated pigment from the bottom. I then load a stiff brush with the concentrate and rub it into the cane. If it's a... more
    • mixing stain johnk15, Fri May 10 12:45am
      I've posted this before, here goes again. I also use minwax. I mix the stains from golden oak and one of the darker colors like jacobean. However, the natural patina that cane gets from aging has an... more
      • Re: mixing stain Dan Alleger, Sat May 11 8:20am
        Great suggestion as well, and I'm sure the addition of the oil paints makes the mix easier to distribute evenly. Doesn't it take forever to dry? I use purple tape for masking dicey finishes; it's... more
    • Re: Staining and matching cane Dan Alleger, Wed May 8 6:28am
      I'm going to say something that some may disagree with: Minwax stains stink. You're never going to get great results putting this thin oil stain on cane. Multiple applications of an oil stain do... more
      • Re: staining and matching cane woodbeth57, Tue Mar 21 4:43am
        I am going to add my 2 cents worth on the stain that I use for refinishing furniture and have used a little on cane as well. I use Sherman William brand " Wood Classic" oil based stain for all of my... more
        • Staining and color matching cane Marshall Knox, Wed Mar 22 7:56pm
          I have had good luck using General Finishes gel stain, applied with a stiff bristled brush. I keep the brush nearly dry and use light strokes to evenly distribute the color. I use an alcohol dye... more
      • restaining a caned chair sara.m.batts, Sat Mar 11 2:52pm
        Hello, I have a gorgeous set of mid century dining chairs and a hutch to match. The pieces are all in great physical condition with the exception of some sun damage to the finish on the hutch and... more
        • restaining a caned chair timtolzmann, Sun Mar 12 12:06pm
          Sounds like yuou want to refinish the chairs witou ot recaning the seats.
        • restaining giola, Sun Mar 12 11:03am
          the real problem with staining cain is the difficulty in penetrating the surface of the cane with the stain. It tends to sit on top more than penetrate, which means you then have to apply another... more
        • staining cane JIm Widess, Sun Mar 12 2:46am
          You could try stripping the stain from the cane with lacquer thinner.....then restaining the cane.
          • Re: staining cane sara.m.batts, Sun Mar 12 12:32pm
            The thinner wouldn't damage the caning?
            • staining cane JIm Widess, Sun Mar 12 5:28pm
              The lacquer thinner shouldn't hurt the cane unless it's really thin and worn out in which case you'd be recaning the chair anyway.
              • restaining a caned chair timtolzmann, Sun Mar 12 11:41pm
                After dissolving the finish on the cane, clean it completely and evenly with the lacquer thinner. Let it dry then out of the sun for an hour or so. Longer if yuou used any water in the stripping... more
                • Using Boiled Linseed Oil The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn, Tue Mar 14 8:49am
                  I would caution you all about making your own boiled linseed oil and opting for buying it in the store already prepared. We've all heard the horror stories of people burning their house or garage... more
                  • Using B)oiled Linseed Oil timtolzmann, Tue Mar 14 9:54pm
                    Cathryn,commercially prepared "boiled" linseed oil is raw linseed oil to which a lead based drying agent has been added. So it will give one lead poisoning to some extent, no matter how, or how... more
      • Staining and atching cane rrc_1940, Wed May 8 11:57am
        I agree 100% with what Dan said about Minwax stains. I've had success matching (difficult) cane color by adding artist oil paint pigment to stains to get closer to the original color. Finding the... more
        • Re: Staining and atching cane The Wicker Woman, Thu May 9 7:37am
          I don't do that much cane staining, but when I do, I must confess the brand I typically use is Minwax. If I want a deeper, richer, fuller color to the cane, I scrape the bottom of the can and pull up ... more
          • Re: Staining and matching cane Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 7:47am
            Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and experience! Dan, I will definitely be trying your methods. I'll probably pick up the Rustoleum Gel Stain for a starter and try the more in-depth approach... more
    • Re: Staining and matching cane scwaspb, Tue May 7 3:58pm
      • Staining and matching cane trees4277, Wed May 8 11:12pm
        Find and try Old Masters Wiping stain in Early American or Golden Oak. I don't wipe it but use a brush. Usually takes just one but sometimes 2 coats for a perfect match. I've used it successfully for ... more
        • staining and matching cane JIm Widess, Thu May 9 12:42pm
          Since I believe that the underside of cane seats should remain completely unsealed I use aerosols. I don't refinish furniture so I have no need to mix colors and use a spray gun. Instead, I use... more
          • Staining and matching cane trees4277, Sat May 11 11:45am
            After reading all the posts and reflecting on my past experience with lacquer, I'm more convinced than ever that "Friends don't let friends use lacquer on cane". Let me explain. I've caned and... more
            • staining and matching cane JIm Widess, Sat May 11 1:44pm
              Hi David. I maintain that the reason that those lacquer stained backs you described were so brittle because a heavy coat of lacquer was applied to the back of the cane and sealed up all the pores. I... more
              • staining and matching cane littlejackhorners, Sun May 12 7:59am
                I agree with Jim and use a similar method. We often need to color cane panels to match other chairs in a set. We use oil stains to start the coloring and follow with aerosol lacquer toners to blend... more
          • staining and matching Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 3:57pm
            Jim, I did try a can of the Mohawk toner. I guess it takes some practice. My spraying ability was found lacking and I had to replace the sheet of cane I had just installed.
            • Spraying Toner Steve ProFinisher, Sun May 12 12:42pm
              If you don't get the color you wanted, it is not necessary to replace the cane. It can be wiped off with a lint free rag and lacquer thinner. Be careful not to get the lacquer thinner on any of the... more
              • Re: Spraying Toner Dan Alleger, Sun May 12 5:29pm
                True, but it is all but impossible to get it out of every tiny crevice where the strands cross. Been there. A toothbrush helps. If you're going to spray toner, go lightly and build the color a little ... more
            • staining cane JIm Widess, Thu May 9 7:19pm
              Jared, set up an easel with a large piece of paper on it. Stand back about 2 feet. Make sure you have shaken the can thoroughly and can hear the ball rattle inside. Hold your spray can pointing about ... more
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