Re: Staining and atching cane
Thu May 9, 2013 7:37am

I don't do that much cane staining, but when I do, I must confess the brand I typically use is Minwax. If I want a deeper, richer, fuller color to the cane, I scrape the bottom of the can and pull up some pigment before stirring. Has always worked well for me on the cane that I do stain.

I for one, will be printing out ALL of Dan's suggestions on staining cane and would suggest that you all do, too. File it away and pull out for reference each time you stain cane and compare your results.

Thank you so much Dan for posting that valuable information for those of us that are not refinishers, sure does help!

The Wicker Woman, LLC--Cathryn Peters

  • Staining and atching cane rrc_1940, Wed May 8 11:57am
    I agree 100% with what Dan said about Minwax stains. I've had success matching (difficult) cane color by adding artist oil paint pigment to stains to get closer to the original color. Finding the... more
    • Re: Staining and atching cane The Wicker Woman, Thu May 9 7:37am
      • Re: Staining and matching cane Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 7:47am
        Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and experience! Dan, I will definitely be trying your methods. I'll probably pick up the Rustoleum Gel Stain for a starter and try the more in-depth approach... more
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