Re: Staining and matching cane
Thu May 9, 2013 7:47am

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and experience! Dan, I will definitely be trying your methods. I'll probably pick up the Rustoleum Gel Stain for a starter and try the more in-depth approach when I have a little more time. I've been looking for a good method as long as I've been caning. I did try Mohawk spray toner. It definitely gives the deep color but spraying is certainly not for the inexperienced. Especially when it is immediately permanent.

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  • Re: Staining and atching cane The Wicker Woman, Thu May 9 7:37am
    I don't do that much cane staining, but when I do, I must confess the brand I typically use is Minwax. If I want a deeper, richer, fuller color to the cane, I scrape the bottom of the can and pull up ... more
    • Re: Staining and matching cane Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 7:47am
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