staining cane
Thu May 9, 2013 7:19pm

Jared, set up an easel with a large piece of paper on it. Stand back about 2 feet. Make sure you have shaken the can thoroughly and can hear the ball rattle inside. Hold your spray can pointing about 6" to the left of the top left corner of the paper. Depress the button on the top of the spray can and spray slowly and horizontally past the top right corner of the paper about 6" and release the button. Drop your hand about 6" and still pointing away from the paper on the right side, depress the button and spray slowly and horizontally to the left, past the left side of the paper and release the button. Continue this pattern back and forth until you've gotten to the bottom of the paper. Your hand and spray can are moving from left to right, then right to left staying the same distance and angle from the paper for each scan. Never break this pattern and go back while you're in a sweep. Remember to start the spray before you hit the paper. This should give you a fairly even coverage of stain if you have overlapped the sweeps sufficiently. Allow the stain to dry before giving it a second coat with either the same or different color. Make sure your can is the same distance from the paper for every sweep. You actually move your arm across the paper, you don't hold you hand in one place and twist the can.
See how that works for you and let me know. You can email a photo of your spray attempts to me at
Good luck.

  • staining and matching Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 3:57pm
    Jim, I did try a can of the Mohawk toner. I guess it takes some practice. My spraying ability was found lacking and I had to replace the sheet of cane I had just installed.
    • Spraying Toner Steve ProFinisher, Sun May 12 12:42pm
      If you don't get the color you wanted, it is not necessary to replace the cane. It can be wiped off with a lint free rag and lacquer thinner. Be careful not to get the lacquer thinner on any of the... more
      • Re: Spraying Toner Dan Alleger, Sun May 12 5:29pm
        True, but it is all but impossible to get it out of every tiny crevice where the strands cross. Been there. A toothbrush helps. If you're going to spray toner, go lightly and build the color a little ... more
    • staining cane JIm Widess, Thu May 9 7:19pm
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