Re: mixing stain
Sat May 11, 2013 8:20am

Great suggestion as well, and I'm sure the addition of the oil paints makes the mix easier to distribute evenly. Doesn't it take forever to dry?

I use purple tape for masking dicey finishes; it's less tacky than the blue painter's tape, but strong enough to hold newspaper in place.

With regard to the spray toners, I've used these, too, but getting them to color evenly takes a lot of practice. I've had problems with the toner adhering well even with a clear top coat over it. I'm still a fan of a finish I can push around and manipulate. If you screw up with spray toner, you're sort of stuck. To each his own... these are all useful tips.

New Orleans, LA

  • mixing stain johnk15, Fri May 10 12:45am
    I've posted this before, here goes again. I also use minwax. I mix the stains from golden oak and one of the darker colors like jacobean. However, the natural patina that cane gets from aging has an... more
    • Re: mixing stain Dan Alleger, Sat May 11 8:20am
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