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staining and matching cane
Sat May 11, 2013 1:44pm

Hi David. I maintain that the reason that those lacquer stained backs you described were so brittle because a heavy coat of lacquer was applied to the back of the cane and sealed up all the pores. I see this constantly on factory made modern chairs.
I've been spraying lacquer on chair seats and backs for over 30 years and have never had a chair come back because the cane was brittle. I've seen many chairs which I recaned come back because of kids, feet, knees, etc, and the cane was still supple, so I know my lacquer did not hasten the seat's demise. It's the sealing up of the pores on the underside (backside) of the cane which is making the cane brittle.
Jim Widess

  • Staining and matching cane trees4277, Sat May 11 11:45am
    After reading all the posts and reflecting on my past experience with lacquer, I'm more convinced than ever that "Friends don't let friends use lacquer on cane". Let me explain. I've caned and... more
    • staining and matching cane JIm Widess, Sat May 11 1:44pm
      • staining and matching cane littlejackhorners, Sun May 12 7:59am
        I agree with Jim and use a similar method. We often need to color cane panels to match other chairs in a set. We use oil stains to start the coloring and follow with aerosol lacquer toners to blend... more
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