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Spraying Toner
Sun May 12, 2013 12:42pm

If you don't get the color you wanted, it is not necessary to replace the cane. It can be wiped off with a lint free rag and lacquer thinner. Be careful not to get the lacquer thinner on any of the chair's finish as it will also take it off too. Much faster and lest cost compared to replacing the cane.

  • staining and matching Jared Chafin, Thu May 9 3:57pm
    Jim, I did try a can of the Mohawk toner. I guess it takes some practice. My spraying ability was found lacking and I had to replace the sheet of cane I had just installed.
    • Spraying Toner Steve ProFinisher, Sun May 12 12:42pm
      • Re: Spraying Toner Dan Alleger, Sun May 12 5:29pm
        True, but it is all but impossible to get it out of every tiny crevice where the strands cross. Been there. A toothbrush helps. If you're going to spray toner, go lightly and build the color a little ... more
    • staining cane JIm Widess, Thu May 9 7:19pm
      Jared, set up an easel with a large piece of paper on it. Stand back about 2 feet. Make sure you have shaken the can thoroughly and can hear the ball rattle inside. Hold your spray can pointing about ... more
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