Re: Spraying Toner
Sun May 12, 2013 5:29pm

True, but it is all but impossible to get it out of every tiny crevice where the strands cross. Been there. A toothbrush helps. If you're going to spray toner, go lightly and build the color a little at a time. I get the feeling that most of the readers in this forum are not finishers or are willing to build a collection of finishing supplies. The products I suggested earlier offer great results with very little effort and cost, and are less intimidating than the prospect of masking and layering spray toners. That being said, all of the suggestions are super and it is great to see so many contribute.

New Orleans, LA

  • Spraying Toner Steve ProFinisher, Sun May 12 12:42pm
    If you don't get the color you wanted, it is not necessary to replace the cane. It can be wiped off with a lint free rag and lacquer thinner. Be careful not to get the lacquer thinner on any of the... more
    • Re: Spraying Toner Dan Alleger, Sun May 12 5:29pm
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